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ناشر: مقدس / خدمات فرهنگی پارسه (پارسه نو)

مولف: اشکرافت نیل دبلیو Ashcroft Neil w.

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1. The Drude Theory of Metals 1
2. The Sommerfeld Theory of Metals
3. Failures of the Free Electron Model
4. Crystal Lattices 63
5. The Reciprocal Lattice 85
6. Determination of Crystal Structures by X-Ray Diffraction 95
7. Classification of Bravais Lattices and Crystal Structures 111
8. Electron Levels in a Periodic Potential: General Properties 131
9. Electrons in a Weak Periodic Potential
10. The Tight-Binding Method 175
11. Other Methods for Calculating Band Structure 191
12. The Semiclassical Model of Electron Dynamics 213
13. The Semiclassical Theory of Conduction in Metals 243
Measuring the Fermi Surface 263
Band Structure of Selected Metals 283
16. Beyond the Relaxation-Time Approximation 313
17. Beyond the Independent Electron Approximation 329
18. Surface Effects 353
19. Classification of Solids 373
20. Cohesive Energy 395
21. Failures of the Static Lattice Model
22. Classical Theory of the Harmonic Crystal 421
23. Quantum Theory of the Harmonic Crystal 451


A. Summary of Important Numerical Relations in the Free Electron Theory of Metals 757
B. The Chemical Potential 759
C. The Sommerfeld Expansion 760
D. Plane-Wave Expansions of Periodic Functions in More Than One Dimension 762
E. The Velocity and Effective Mass of Bloch Electrons 765
F. Some Identities Related to Fourier Analysis of Periodic Systems 767
G. The Variational Principle for Schrodinger's Equation 769
H. Hamiltonian Formulation of the Semiclassical Equations of Motion, and Liouville' s Theorem 771
I. Green's Theorem/or Periodic Functions 772
J. Conditions for the Absence of lnterband Transitions in Uniform Electric or Magnetic Fields 773
K. Optical Properties of Solids 776
L. Quantum Theory of the Harmonic Crystal 780
M. Conservation of Crystal Momentum 784
N. Theory of the Scattering of Neutrons by a Crystal 790
O. Anharmonic Terms and n-Phonon Processes 796
P. Evaluation of the Lande g-Factor 797



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ناشر: مقدس / خدمات فرهنگی پارسه (پارسه نو)
مولف: اشکرافت نیل دبلیو Ashcroft Neil w.
تعداد صفحه: 826
قطع : وزیری
نوبت چاپ: اول
سال چاپ : 1390
نوع چاپ : تک رنگ
نوع جلد : شومیز
نوع کاغذ : تحریر
شرح DVD / CD : ندارد
شابک: 9789645748553
ناشر مقدس / خدمات فرهنگی پارسه (پارسه نو)
کد کتاب 9789645748553

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